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State government to make announcement about Ballarat rail line construction

Posted yesterday in Victorian Rail News by JimYarin

AN announcement regarding the construction of a passing loop on the Ballarat train line, to be built near Ballan, is expected in the near future. 

Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder said an announcement would be made soon for the project, which was a promise made by the then Liberal opposition in the lead-up to the 2010 election. 

“We committed at the same time that we would build a railway station at Talbot and a passing loop at Ballan,” Mr Mulder said.

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Posted yesterday in Queensland Rail News by JimYarin

A PRIVATE investor has told a parliamentary committee one of the problems facing the government's plan to move agriculture products across the state using the rail network was a "distinct lack of trains".

The Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee have been tasked with investigating options available to the agricultural and livestock industries in a bid to get them using rail instead of road.

GrainX Australia CEO Chris Hood said on Monday  the only company that had the capacity to move agriculture products via rail was generally unwilling to do so.

He said his Allora-based company was in a position to do so if it could get access to trains.

"There is huge potential under this proposal," he said.

Posted yesterday in Victorian Rail News by bevans

Shire Mayor, Cr Kevin Erwin, is confident of a positive outcome from a delegation to Government over the standardisation of the Melbourne- Mildura rail line.  Cr Erwinjoined a delegation to State Parliament, that was led by Member for Mildura Peter Crisp, to push for Mildura-Maryborough rail line upgrades.   Mr Crisp, the Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development, was accompanied by Cr Erwin and the mayors from Buloke, Central Goldfields, Mildura and Yarriambiack shires last Wednesday.

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