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Plan to fix City Loop mobile black spot delayed

Posted 4 minutes ago in Victorian Rail News by wxtre

Melbourne's train tunnels are destined to remain a telecommunications dead zone for another three to six months, breaking a promise by the former Napthine government to fix the City Loop black spot by the year's end.

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Posted 13 minutes ago in International Rail News by JimYarin

Located in the centre of Southeast Asia, Thailand occupies the natural intersection of Asean market trade flows and boasts an unique geographical location in the Asia-Pacific region. The country has abundant natural resources, relatively comprehensive infrastructure, and an excellent business environment, which have long attracted a large number of foreign investors. With considerable development, Thailand has become the second-largest economy in the Asean bloc. 

Posted 9 hours ago in International Rail News by wxtre

Queen Elizabeth has travelled like a regular Joe and made her annual pilgrimage home to Sandringham on the train.

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