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Huge graffiti spree derails V/Line train

Posted 50 minutes ago in Victorian Rail News by newsbot

GRAFFITI vandals have wrecked a V/Line train carriage, spraying a huge 25m mural that will cost thousands of dollars to scrub off.

Police are investigating the brazen graffiti attack on Tuesday night at Albury station, where the V/Line train was parked before travelling to Melbourne on Wednesday.

V/Line chief Theo Taifalos lashed the “bored and witless people” responsible for painting the entire carriage blue and covering it with a red tag, part of which said “Rumba”.

The train was driven to Melbourne on its usual 6.35am run and then taken for cleaning.

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Posted 1 hour ago in Queensland Rail News by bevans

THE team behind a $235 million rail freight and industrial hub in Charlton say they are on target to begin construction next year.

InterlinkSQ will be a 200ha estate with its own customs office, manufacturing facilities and the ability to transfer road freight directly to rail.

It lies adjacent to the Western Rail Route, slated for major upgrades linking Melbourne to the Port of Brisbane via Charlton.

Posted 1 hour ago in Letters to the Editor by bevans

This week, I'm writing my column on the fast train from Paris to Lyon. I'm a fan of trains, especially the French TGV, which I've always found comfortable and efficient.

In fact, train is my preferred mode of travel. I'd rather be on the ground than on the sea or in the air.

Fast cars make me nervous. But I love the whoosh of speeding along by rail. Or even the teeth-rattling excitement of jolting through the landscape in an old train. I really feel I'm going places.

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