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Light rail seen as cool rather than dopey idea

Posted 3 hours ago in Tram and Light Rail News by newsbot

IN a bid to prevent our inbox melting, Topics mainly steers clear of the light-rail debate. Not so Coolio, the rapper behind the classic Gangsta’s Paradise.

He’s weighed in on Canberra’s proposed new trams ahead of his upcoming Australian tour. No, none of that is a typo.

“I think a light rail system is dope,” he told the Canberra Times.

“It’s a very inexpensive form of transportation and very easy to get around, so yes, it’s dope.”

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Posted yesterday in Victorian Rail News by newsbot

PUBLIC transport is the key to attracting city people to country areas.

“It was the first question everyone asked me at the regional living expo in Melbourne,” Ararat Mayor Paul Hooper said.

Cr Hooper has celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the return of passenger trains to his city.

“Having the train is vital,” he said.

“All I can say to communities who don’t have passenger rail is to fight for it as hard as they can.”

Posted yesterday in Victorian Rail News by waynes

Bus passengers in Moorabbin will soon benefit from a $624,000 joint Victorian Coalition Government and City of Kingston upgrade of the bus interchange. 

At the station today, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder was joined by City of Kingston Mayor Cr Paul Peulich to announce the start of works.

“About 570 people hop off a bus at the interchange and switch to a train every weekday so this upgrade will benefit hundreds of regular public transport users travelling to and from Moorabbin Station each week,” Mr Mulder said.

“By installing new shelters to protect bus passengers from Melbourne’s weather, as well as installing new seating, signage and lighting, this bus interchange upgrade will make catching public transport easier, safer and more comfortable.”

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