What are bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are little pieces of code that run in your web browser. They're similar to an add-on or extension for your web browser, but can run on any web browser that supports JavaScript. To use our Bookmarklets, simply click and drag one of the the bookmarklet buttons into your bookmarks bar.

By default some browsers hide their bookmarks bar. You can enable it by pressing the "Alt" key on your keyboard, and navigating to "View" -> "Toolbars" -> "Favorites bar" (as per Internet Explorer 9).

If you cannot figure out how to enable your bookmarks bar, press the "F1" key on your keyboard and search for "favorites bar" or "bookmarks bar" (the name changes depending on which browser you are using).

Flickr - tag photos of locos

[RP] [Flickr] Add loco tag Help! How do I use this?

This small bookmarklet enables you to quickly tag your loco photos without needing to know the tags, right within the Flickr photo page. Once tagged, the photos will appear in our Locos Database and in the Image Gallery.

This bookmarklet will also automatically add your photo to our Flickr pool.

Flickr - better geotagging

[Flickr] Geotag

To address the shortcomings of Flickr's own geotagging service, Flickr user aemkei has developed a Google Maps geotagging bookmarklet. It's quick, easy and is far smarter and covers far more areas than Flickr's own geotagging.

Please note that Railpage is not affiliated with aemkei, we simply love the bookmarklet he's developed.