Central station luggage lockers

  409 Minister for Railways

I'll be in Sydney from Monday next week until Sunday and I am wondering if there are any luggage lockers available at Central station that I can hire for around 4 hours. I've heard conflicting reports if they are or aren't available.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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  nadnerbster Deputy Commissioner

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No, there are no lockers at Central station that I'm aware of. They got rid of them and converted the rooms to conference rooms. Chalk up another win for Mr Terry Wrist.
  nazarail Chief Commissioner

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there maybe some downstairs in the bus booking office, I will do a happy lap in the morning and have a look, and let you know.
  loco2301 Chief Train Controller

Countrylink have a cloak room on platform 1 at Central, and charge a fee of around about $3.00 by memory going back about a year or so ago.

I think they close at 8pm.
  nazarail Chief Commissioner

Location: Between BN 80 UL and BN 87 UL
there is a place on 300 george st. but check up on the pitt street side, I didnt get that far.
  Speed Minister for Railways

When I queried Countrylink staff in 2006, they said that there were none at Sydney station but that there may be some in an office down the road. Their suggestion was that any lockers would be somewhere where a  terrorist explosion would not injure train passengers.

If someone at Sydney station suggests going to the airport for traveller's facilities, don't. Traveller's Aid at the airport doesn't open until after 9:00 and I don't know what it offers.
  craigsydney Locomotive Driver

There's no lockers but as has been said the Countrylink luggage check-in room on Plat 1 has a storage facility. It's $4.40 per item (usually smaller items can be classed as one) and the hours are 6am-8/8:30pm.
  409 Minister for Railways

Thankyou all for the help. As I've said before, I'll be in Sydney from Adelaide for a week long trip from the 5th. While we will be spending most of our time around Wyee, we will be looking around the CBD for half the day (and then I'll get some gunzelling in) before we head off. I'm not exactly keen on carrying my suitcase around for half a day because I'm lazy Twisted Evil

Once again, thankyou all for the help.
  turbom Junior Train Controller

You can certainly leave your bag at countrylink check in, located platform 1 Sydney Terminal they will charge you $4 and they close at 8 pm. i work for Cityrail at central and i have even walked a nice young lady over there to leave her bag  Laughing

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