Recycled railway stations

  beanzs27 Assistant Commissioner

i was at the Speed Field days, today and noticed that the Speed railway station is the main Office of the field days,
it still has the orange sign "Speed" and "bookings" on it.

are there other instances of railway station in Victoria being used like this, especially  being moved from its original site

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  route14 Chief Commissioner

Taradale is one (not moved), although it's "officially" leased property.
  L1150 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Pakenham Vic.
I mentioned in another thread recently that a former station building from Tynong is now at Mill Valley Ranch, a youth camp at Tynong North. It has been set on a low platform and is used as a dormitory/bunkhouse. A short length of rail has been laid in front of the platform with a diesel  0-4-0 timber tramway loco and a bogie flat wagon on display.
  gringo Locomotive Driver

Location: Pakenham Victoria
Tallarook i believe is a private residence.
  t_woodroffe Assistant Commissioner

Strathmerton moved to Port of Echuca.

  KEG Junior Train Controller

Not exactly what you're looking for, I know, but the original Walhalla station building was "recycled"/relocated to Hartwell on the Alamein line.
  spethalcam Assistant Commissioner

Location: Pistols Tavern Yarrawonga
Very sure the Carwarp station building is out at the Pioneer settlement at Meringur.

Inside is stil all the station stuff. Good to have a look at!
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
A lot of (similar) examples are in this thread about moved railway stations:
  aussiebbq Assistant Commissioner

Location: Ballarat, Australia
Talbot station is used as a nursery and rail museum.

Maryborough Station is used as a antique shop along with many other things.

A number of disused stations around the state are also used as canvases by locals for "street art".

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