Flat Spring Steel - Leaf Springs

  hiddeous Junior Train Controller

Location: Brisneyland
I'm having issues finding flat spring steel for making working leaf springs.

I've previously got it from the UK, but would prefer a local supplier if possible.

I'm looking for either 0.9mm or 1.6mm thick with a width of between 10-12mm.

Thanks in advance

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  geegee Locomotive Fireman

Location: Heathfield, S.A.
Look in your yellow pages under "Spring w/salers and mfrs" I'm sure they would stock spring strip depending what size you need, we even have several suppliers here in little old Adelaide,  citysprings@bigpond.com - just to mention one, very helpful as well. Surprised
  DBclass Chief Commissioner

Location: Western Australia
try interlloy or a special steels supplier. it will be high carbon steel like 1080 or something.

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