Holbrook Minature Railway

  pollux1au Junior Train Controller

Can any one confirm the weekends when this railway operates. I think that it is the 2nd & 4th weekend of each month.


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  Robuster Chief Train Controller

Location: Werribee

If you have a look at the AALS website you will find the details of club rundays.

Or click on this link - http://www.pnc.com.au/~wallison/AALS/Resources/RunningDays.htm

  pollux1au Junior Train Controller

Thanks Rob
  pollux1au Junior Train Controller

Went to Holbrook with the kids & grandkids last weekend. We all had a ride on the railway there. I thought that I would share some of my photos.

The northern side of the creek


Loco 700. This loco is fitted with traction motors. It is a great hauler when operating correctly, but it tends to have lots of problems due to the complexity of applying power to the six bogies & is not used very much.


The running shed.


Crossing the creek on the approach to the station


The station







The internals of the Ghan Loco


  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Thanks for the pics mate. Have only stoped by when the trains have not been running but certainly looks like a great spot.
  pollux1au Junior Train Controller

The grandkids (& pop) had a ball. We stopped at the submarine before heading down to the park for lunch & a train ride or two. It was good value $3 ea for two laps of the circuit.

I am planning on making the trip out to Jerilderie to have a ride on their trains in the not too distant future.
  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Looking at the abc website they show a fair amont of Holbrook is under water due to flooding. Could be that the miniature railway may be underwater?
  Robuster Chief Train Controller

Location: Werribee
Here is the image from the ABC Website;

Here is the same view from google street view;


As you can see the railway is much lower then the road, and one would think that the railway is completely underwater....
  pollux1au Junior Train Controller

The line runs very close to the creek. The day we were there it looked as if the line had been under water where it passes under the highway.

I think that there equipment is housed in a container at the back of the local museum. Ther is a good chance that this would have gone under as well. If it has it will be a big set back for them.

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