Bendigo line - Ballarat line track riding standard


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err , no.. It isn't word of mouth, it's a factual report of the trip, not something passed on through other parties.

Forums are great, just need to stick to the facts.

Had a bad day, great!
Then tell everyone what made it such in The Lounge, but don't shoot the messenger..

Err Buttscratcher, Mike was explainig his trip, and he stated along the lines that at every station,  was rough entering and leaving. Now since I wasn't on the trip I'm quite happy to take Mikes word for it.Unless you were there, or you were the driver, STFU
And he has no explaination except to automatically blame the driver. And since his only experience is word of mouth, he has no right to judge/critisise unless he can back what he up.

Public forum mate, I'll say whatever the hell I want. Evil or Very Mad
I was refering to the whole driver knowledge bit, not the quality of track.

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[quote="The Vinelander"]

[color=darkblue]Sorry, in that case you must be incorrect with your information. Obviously for privacy reasons I'm not going to name him in here.

Mike. [/quote]

I know who you are refering to. Yes he has been on the job quite a while. No, he is not on the big wheel roster.
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As an aside to this thread, I was told today that between Sunbury and Gisborne it is single line working at the moment whilst the timber sleeper track under goes repairs due to the recent rains. I understand the issue to be the drainage at the edge of the track/ballast and apparently the power that be a are more than a little afraid of more rain before repairs are complete. Can anyone back this up and or add a little weight to this information?

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fast01 - there are good and back cricketers, good and bad singers, and good and bad drivers.
Face it.
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If I was good at computers, I'd edit my previous post to read, "good and bad" cricketers
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And inexperienced drivers/cricketers /postmen/lawyers/brain surgeons/ etc etc
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All this was aside from the driver who couldn't offer a smooth stop if his life depended on it, and after departure from each station the train was bunched up so each start was with a jerk as the train stretched out its 4 cars.

"The Vinelander"
It's comments like these that make me realise that ignorance is indeed bliss. I'd pay to see you stop 460 tons of train. I do sincerly hope the next thing you smeg about bites you in the smeg one day.

Rolling Eyes

I'll do it for you for free. It's bloody easy. Care factor is the consideration here and a lot of them just don't care.
Rough starts are often down to poorly maintained draft gear and slack couplings and are seriously exacerbated if there is a power van in the mix. Care factor again comes into play.
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What makes the N class so hard to drive?

With some care i would say its pretty easy to drive smoothly. For instance here they apply the brakes and pull up the last 5 or so meters to stretch the train out, then you can power away without issue. Thats freights tho.

How do wagon size compare ? my thinking is as far as rolling of the wagon goes on rough track the longer the better.

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