AMRM Dec 2011 preview

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Greetings all Smile

The December AMRM has been sent to the printer and is expected to be available at all outlets by this Thursday (17 November).

Details of this issue, plus a couple of videos of the feature layout and a video supporting one of the reviews can be found on the AMRM blog:

James McInerney
Production Manager
Australian Model Railway Magazine
Ph: (02) 8812 2058
SCR Publications (02) 9311 2036

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  Dieselfan Locomotive Fireman

Just picked up a copy from AHRS @ Central.
  Donald Chief Commissioner

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Congratulations James.   It must be a first that you got in the first comment about the upcoming AMRM!!

  ozmoe Station Master

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Just picked up a copy from AHRS @ Central.

Can anyone give me a good reason why I should continue my subscription?

I remember when, if you had a magazine subscription it was (a) cheaper, but the best advantage was (b) you got it before it hit the news stands - sometimes up to a week before? With a couple of quite large newsagents near me, I'd be better off keeping the $54 in my pocket and watching these threads for news of its arrival to the newsagent. Or am I wrong?
  TheBlacksmith Chief Commissioner

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Yep, you're wrong  8)
  Dieselfan Locomotive Fireman

There is also something to be said about getting an agent of the government to deliver a package containing a magazine that you want for both the pictures and the articles! Wink
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Distribution seems to be on the ball this time. My copies arrived Tuesday.
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It was in my letterbox today, but sadly Auspost had had their way with it yet again ... folded and damaged cover as usual, despite the larger box for periodicals above our personal one. Sad
  HMC1989 Chief Commissioner

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I have the same problem biqua. I think my postie is jealous about my hobby. Wink
  Albert Chief Commissioner

As a postie, I say, get a bigger mail