400 Class Railmotor Mech K & M

  Coastboy7 Locomotive Fireman

Hi anyone have a K & M Mech for a SJM kit that they want to sell?  Need a couple and they are out of production with K & M,    Cheers   Bob

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  alltrainzfan Chief Commissioner

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Never knew that K&M made mechs for the 400 class from SJM! Did they make one for the Creamy Kate too? Because I am interested in that!   8)
  bjviper Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisvegas
Wanted thread   Wink
  ARKits Train Controller

Location: Warwick, Qld
I have moved an reply to the wanted thread.

  NSW30T Station Master

SJM never made a k and m mech for the 400 or creamy kate.Cause with the kits is a dummy bogie which in the instructions said that the purchaser requires a spud motor to complete the kit.SJM had a k and m made for the comet power cars but not creamy kate and the 400 class rail motors.


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