Monarto South To Appamurra

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Has it occured to you the signals may be LEDs - a long life and low current consumption?   Most traffic lights are LEDs and are quite bright - a few older incandesant types are around and these are usually dimmer and can be hard to see.

I concur with justapassenger: it is entirely appropriate to use capitals and it actually makes what you are saying easier to read.

Has anyone been along this branch recently?   What state is it in?   I might next week.

Got a mate who's passing through that neck of the woods on Monday, will get him to take a few photos when he gets back. I haven't been up that way for yonks, but it did look a pretty tired old branch off, some bits completely grown over, as to be expected. Also remember seeing a fair amount of graffiti at certain areas (also to be expected).

God damn graffiti "artists", little ***** should be forced to clean the stuff themselves!!

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if the line has not been used since 2006 how can that globe last for 6 years.
Heath Loxton
Question, is that the same globe that was there when the line closed? One would assume an signal electrician would change the globe when it blows.
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well i went to monarto zoo on a family outing and i stopped to check the apamurra turnout and the mainline protector signal was bright red!!! (the one on the apamurra line just before it joins the main line) if the line has not been used since 2006 how can that globe last for 6 years.
Heath Loxton

That's nothing, somewhere in America is a light bulb that has been working since 1901

So two things from that article:
1. You can make light bulbs that last a long time, probably with higher cost to make. I'd think railways would buy quality lights to start with.
2. Switching it on and off shortens its life. Unless the signalling has lost power due to a fault, the apamurra signal would have been on the entire 6 years.
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As soon as I saw this thread bumped, I just knew:
- Who it was
- That it was not worth reading the bump post and replies

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sulzer is a totally different profile and i do not pretend to be someone i am not. my real name is heath and sulzer is someone else with bad punctuation!!!
Heath Loxton
Two of you?
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Back to Heath's question
The Junction at Monarto South is still active and hence the signal is there to protect it.
Because it's an active junction, it's maintained as such, even if it isn't used.

Same goes for the junction to NRM at the Port, it's still an active junction and is maintained to be used.

Another place this has occured is the short spur that was until recently the southern end of the BG Goal loop.
The red signal has been alight all the time !  (the spur has been used to stable track machines I believe)

Light globes ..... as someone has mentioned, a light globe's life is reduced everytime it is cycled on and off
If it is left energised you'd be amazed how long they can last.
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