Powerline vs. On Track Models VSX/VLEX

  HWYRNR1984 Station Staff

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Ive tried searching for this so apologies if its already been covered.
I'm looking to buy a few VLEX's, and want some feedback as to the pro's and cons of the models offered by these two manfacturers, preferably from people who own either one or both brands. Btw "its smeg cos powerline make it" isn't the kind of feedback I'm after lol. Details, running qualities, how fragile they are, features, comparison photo's etc.

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  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

The powerline version is available as a single pack and are cheaper than the on track models per wagon
On track models come as a three pack
The powerline version has doors that do not open where as the On track models have opening doors and interior detail ,
The Powerline version has a black underframe that should be the same colour as the body so will need painting to match , On track have got this right
As for running qualities i dont own a powerline VLEX so can not say myself but the On track models VLEX  you could not ask for any better running quality from a RTR model
My money would definatly be on the On track version , they are a little bit more to buy but well worth it

And as advertised powerline say "a good finish" and Ontrack models say "A great finish"   Wink
  Iain Chief Commissioner

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As OTM are onto their second run of the VLEX's I'd say people are voting with their wallets. I am happy with my OTM model VLEX's and their friendly no fuss service.

  HWYRNR1984 Station Staff

Location: Chasing a white line somewhere...
Anyone out there with feedback on the powerline version of this model?
  brissim Chief Train Controller

Anyone out there with feedback on the powerline version of this model?
I've got 2 of the Powerline version plus 1 x 3-pack of the OTMs. In as far as running quality and external detail the P/L version are as good as the OTM version. IMO the issue with the opening doors and internal details of the OTM version is a non-issue - I mean in real life how many vans do you see in operating trains with open doors? Personally I think its a bit of a **** and I'd rather see fixed doors and no internal detail at a reduced price - which of course is what the P/L version is.

Only real criticism of the P/L version is that as of yet they have only released the VR versions - no V-Line which is more in line with the era I model. And of course the abysmal lack of information about the P/L versions - I mean they don't even have any details of them on their website.

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The bogies used under these wagons are the same manufacture Asocciated Distributors (Part of the Powerline group)  as several brands use, Orient Express models being one such brand. These bogies run and look alright and are readily available for sale in blister packs. The only problem with them is that they only do solid wheels. I have never had a problem with any cars with these wheels or bogies fitted though. Note I have not used the roller bearing bogies under the Powerline model yet just going by the Arch bar and 40 ton bogies used.

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