Siemens Train schematics

  144M Station Master

Location: Somewhere on Railpage...
I'am recently doing a school project and I need schematics and explanation for the
2)Electrical System
3)Electrical and Pneumatic brakes
I also need a photo showing the undergear of the Siemens Train for both the M car and the T car. If you can, please label the name and the function of the different components.
Thank you.

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  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
Not diagrams of the Siemens specifically, but there are plenty of technical descriptions of railway technology at this website:
  144M Station Master

Location: Somewhere on Railpage...
Thanks but I've already been there Sad
Oh and also does the Siemens AC drive use GTO's or IGBT's?
And do they use Triple Valves or Distributors?

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