A tllt rain for the Melbourne to Sydney line

  Duncs Chief Commissioner

As and when the XPT finally gets replaced on the main south line from Sydney to Melbourne, I imagine a tilt train will be the logical replacement. I am using the Brisbane to Cairns diesel tilit train as an example for this thread. It can run 6 - 8 cars (average weight of around 45 tons each) and each power car weighs 64 tons and produces 3600hp, so 7200hp for the entire set.

So I am wondering what time saving can be achieved? I assume a maximum speed of 160kph in southern NSW, as the XPT already does today. The current timetable is for an 11 hour trip at best.

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  dthead Site Admin

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try talking in the

XPT Replacement Discussion

thread re  the XPT's replacement speculation.

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