Perth Model RAilway Show this weekend

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Hi all,
THe Perth Model railway exhibition is on again this weekend. Saturday to Monday.

My group will be there with 3 layouts, in HO, representing 1960 to 1980. Running a mixture of steam and diesel.

Hawksbury River Bridge

Drop by and say hello

Checkout my blog for a couple of photos.

Claremont showgrounds
Graylands Rd Claremont.

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Location: Perth Western Australia
A couple of pics from the show of Watheroo - A station on the Midland Railway Company line halfway between Midland and Geraldton Western Australia.

And just for something different - The Lego Boys set a new world record for the longest bridge lego structure! The roar from the crowd was pretty good when they removed all the construction supports, and then even louder when they demolished it by removing a few supporting bricks! Well Done Fellas.
  djukinX1016 Deputy Commissioner

Well worth a trip down from Geraldton, (sorry I did not have time for a longer chat V1213), but we were already running a bit late, and Watheroo was a great layout.

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