Mystery location - Brocklesby on the Corowa line

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I have a copy of that most amazing book - "Triking the Length - A Short History of Railway Track vehicles in NSW 1855 - 1984" - Thanks Jim Longworth, I still can't put it down. Guys (and Gals), do get a copy (the usual caveats).
My point? The back cover shows "The railway brought civilisation ... at Gloucester",  as the caption for the top photo, and "Towing Inpectors Car at Brocklesby on the Corowa line in 1976" for the bottom one. It is noted that it is from Greg Wison, ARHS Resource Centre 55510.
My point - I'm getting there - the track vehicle is not a towing Inspection Car, it is a Flivver. It has the round aluminium windshields typical of a flivver and is obviously a Fairmont. Is there a typo involved?
Second point - I have tried to find the location of that bridge on the Corowa line, both near Brockelsby and further afield: I cannot find it. I've been to Burrumbuttock siding, Hurricane Hill (the quarry) but nothing comes remotely like this photo, even around Walla Walla. There are two briges/trestles made of concrete (like the photo) near Brocklesby, but sorry are not the one in the picture.
So, apologies to Jim, where is it?

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  marhleet Train Controller
Maybe ...?
My pic says it is in Brocklesbury, just west of
  tranx Assistant Commissioner

Location: Somewhere in Southwest Sydney
I don't have the book yet but is it this type of vehicle?


This is a picture of my late step-grandfather who retired as Chief Per Way Inspector approx. 25 years ago.
  marhleet Train Controller

Righto, not the bridge I showed but same style.
I only happended to see that while driving back from corowa.

There's an obvious bridge just east of Urana Rd ?
Nup, nice shot on of that one

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