New (?) Aurizon Coal Wagons

  mb67 Junior Train Controller

While at Coorparoo today I noticed some new (?) wagons amongst the consist of the coal trains. VAMQ types with yellow reflector strips top and bottom and a slick grey paint job. I'm wondering if these are actually new or just refurbished? Also I noticed a few of the coal trains are being hauled in the opposite direction to what it says on the wagons - what's the deal with that?

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  EMBaldwin Chief Commissioner

Location: Amongst the Cane Fields
Not new, just refurbished.

Direction of Travel arrows are only for unloading operations.  As there is 1 (that I can think of) loading point that is just a loop (not balloon loop) where the locos run around the train before heading back towards Brisbane, the wagons will travel "in the wrong direction" in one part of the journey.

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