A Visit to the NSWRTM/TrainWorks, 25th August 2013

  MC3801 Train Controller

Hi Everyone,

On Sunday 25th August 2013, we visited the NSWRTM/TrainWorks at Thirlmere, NSW. We had a good look around their collection of Steam Locomotives, Diesel Locomotives and Rolling Stock. We also had a good look at the Roundhouse as well. We had ride on one of the Shuttle Trips from Thirlmere - Buxton with Steam Locomotive 2705. Also, TrainWorks were also hosting Mini Train Rides with two miniature Vulcan Locomotives throughout the day as well. While we were at Thirlmere, we saw two CF 44 Class Locomotives and one CM 44 Class Locomotive. The Locomotives were CM3301, CF4410 and CF4409. It was a fantastic day! Very Happy I am now uploading the footage from our day at Thirlmere.

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  beyerpeacock Assistant Commissioner

Location: Gorton Foundry
Try CM and CF class. Surely it's not that hard to figure out?
  MC3801 Train Controller
  MC3801 Train Controller

Here are my videos showing the photo's I took at Thirlmere:


  tezza Chief Commissioner

You have some interesting vids there MC3801 with the second album showing the interior of the display hall and roundhouse. At 3:55 is that restored carriage the 8 wheel radial car? I remember it was plonked down in rotten row in 1983 and museum policy over the years directed that nothing could be weatherproofed or conserved. It is good to see something has been done with it.

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