Transport links to New Burswood Stadium

  witzendoz Junior Train Controller

Location: Fremantle
I was thinking about the new stadium at Burswood and the announcement that an upgraded station will be built.  One thing I can’t figure is how they are going to run trains direct from the new upgraded station directly to Midland & Mandurah without passengers changing trains or the trains reversing.  For example, I know that the present Subiaco to Mandurah service for the football is very popular.

It seems that the only way the new stadium will work is direct trains to Armadale line, Jooddalup Line, Fremantle Line, with passengers changing at Clasebrook for Midland and Perth city for Mandurah, any thoughts or insights on this?  However this could accelerate the connecting of Thornlie to Cockburn Central via the abandoned Mandurah to Perth via Thornlie route?


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  WAGR_trains Assistant Commissioner

The plans drawn up are certainly impressive to say, and perhaps next election their may be a few election promises. Considering their are no plans for a public carpark "close" to this stadium, so its public transport or walking to get to the area.

The train traffic flow has been resloved at a "planning stage" so far...
  1978Prime Junior Train Controller

Location: Perth
Slightly of the rail topic, but the news said the golf course would close down when the stadium is built. I thought the stadium was only going to be on the northern end of the golf coarse and therefore wouldn't take up so much space that they would have to close it down.
  Mike_in_the_west Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
How about a city loop via Burswood, South Perth, West Perth & North Perth, with Thornlie, Armadale, Ellenbrook, Midland & Fremantle line trains running either direction around it!  Twisted Evil

Seriously though, Joondalup Line trains should be able to run through to Burswood, ditto with Fremantle.   Mandurah line passengers will just have to lump it like the Joondalup Line passengers do when Subi oval is used.

More reason why the Thornlie - Cockburn Central 'missing link' should be completed!
  fastrak44 Junior Train Controller

Location: 100 metres from what will be electrified railway in the next 5 years.
There needs to be something that would attract patronage along the Thornlie - Cockburn Central section before they even think of it  Sad
  Northmetro Junior Train Controller

I would have thought the population of Canning Vale would now be large enough to support the link.

You will then get the next problem of not enough trains!
  Northmetro Junior Train Controller

Would add about 30 minutes to the round trip time of Thornlie trains, if extended to Cockburn Central. So the equivalent of 4 more A sets would be needed to support existing service frequencies.

And of course there is the problem of slotting 4 extra trains per hour into the existing peak service of 12 trains per hour through Cockburn. It might be better to run the Mandurah line peak service as
- every 15 minutes to Mandurah
- every 15 minutes to Rockingham (extending to Mandurah at end of peak)
- every 15 minutes to Cockburn
to avoid congestion in the turnback sidings and run everything south of the river on a 15 minute cycle

Special event services to the new stadium would take this route and Showgrounds special event services could be an extension of the Cockburn via Thornlie services west of Perth
  WAGR_trains Assistant Commissioner

There needs to be something that would attract patronage along the Thornlie - Cockburn Central section before they even think of it  Sad

The route between Thornlie and Cockburn Central is only to be single line, and would only be used for special events. No station is planned at Canningvale. People would  apparently rather drive to cockburn/murdoch than catch the train from canningvale via the Armadale line into the city. The Mandurah line is quicker and deliver