WG roll call (and other Gangers vehicles)

  Electric C Junior Train Controller

Location: The Shed - land of junk, smoke and wonder
With me and Andrew now owning BG (WG) 31 I'm finding out about more around in paddocks and sheds all over the state! It appears that there was quite a few saved. Also there is a few other vehicles around such as a Kalamazoo used as a couch, the older rail trucks still around (altho no longer on rail) so lets have a roll call to see whats around of this neglected machinery. I'll make a start.

WG 31, Privately owned presently under restoration to a BG on the old Launceston wharf line.

WG 45, Owned by the Launceston Tramway Museum (L.T.M.) but stored in a members paddock.

WG ??, Previously owned by the L.T.M. but now at Nunamara as it was used to pay off a debt

EBR ??, Restored at DRR Launceston workshops nicknamed "Tooter" used in-conjunction with L.T.M events

EBR ??, Motorless and Derelict at Don River, some members suggesting to put a V8 in it.

EBR ??, Used daily at Don River renamed "GT 1"

Don's Two man trike is at Launceston for repairs

Don's single man trike and Kalamazoo are still stored off track, but on display

Queen Victoria Museum also has a Kalamazoo on display

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  DRR_Fireman Deputy Commissioner

Location: -
Missed a few champ, also at DRR,

WG 39, operational

WG 67, under restoration - currently painted red

??, Honda diesel powered trolley - unsure of origin

??, 'Casey Jones' - apparently built by EBR, the engine was a knockoff of a genuine Casey Jones single cylinder engine

??, Fairmont - no idea where it came from or when. Partially restored

1, 'Riley' - built by Mt Lyell with parts supplied by the Riley Motor company

??, Isuzu Hyrail truck - not currently accredited for use on rail

Then, elsewhere

WG ??, Redwater Creek. Converted from 3'6"?

WG 1, WCWR. Unsure if this is still used

?? 'The Daimler', Zeehan Pioneers Museum.

Others can fill in the status of the southern gang motors!
  12CSVT Chief Commissioner

Location: Drowning in accreditation red tape!
Gang motors I am aware of (or did know of):

DVR New Norfolk:
WG5 - Motor removed - stored
WG9 - Out of service - stored
WG44 - Partly rebuilt with a steel frame
WG48 - Stripped - partly dismantled
WG49 - Stripped - partly dismantled
WG53 - Under restoration - privately owned by David Lidster
WG55 - Partly rebuilt
WG66 - Under restoration - privately owned by Lyndon Hewitt (who also has a trike)

The "Fredmobile" - home-made motorised trolley owned by Damien Jarvis, built by the late Fred Abbott.

WD1 - dump trolley - u/frame ex WG54
WGA1 - compressor & equiptment trolley - ex WG47
WT1 - compressor trolley - u/frame ex WG60
WT2 - flat trolley - u/frame ex WG65

TTMS Glenorchy:
WG52 - Operational - kept in gang-shed near toilets


The following seen in the past (unsure of current status or existence):

Casey's Steam Museum, Dover:
WG26 - stored
WG43 - stored (I seem to recall it spent some time latterly at Tas Loco Co.'s depot at Cadbury's, but cant recall where it went after that.)

BPR, Queenscliffe, Vic.
WG29 - servicable? (I think they may have had another one as well)

Second River Railway (latterly Redwater Creek, Sheffield):
WG50 - original condition
WG?? - regauged to 2'0"

DRR, Devonport
EBR No. 32
(I think DRR may have also ended up with EBR No. 25 as well?)

PBR, Belgrave, Vic.
EBR No. 26 (regauged to 2'6")
  ebr1 Junior Train Controller

pretty sure there's one at lorrina (lake cethana)
if not the property's worth a drive by as you cant miss it.3 or 4 signal poles(full size), lattice and solid and a bit of track layed .
drove by it about 2 years ago(no camera) and never got to go back.
he has a sort of 'station' and i think it had a rail motor sitting there somewhere
certainly a collector of rail bits...

cheers ebr1
  Electric C Junior Train Controller

Location: The Shed - land of junk, smoke and wonder
pretty sure there's one at lorrina (lake cethana)
Ahh yes! You're correct there is one there mate has a photo on his phone, I forgot about that one.

he has a sort of 'station'
He has more then a "sort of station" it is the old Dulverton station!

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