Joondalup and Mandurah lines - plans for expansion

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the b series have extremely quick acceleration, with a whopping top speed of 142km/h, They can run all lines which they quite often do, what QR do is they often run them on all suburban lines then follow up with some interburban running to the Gold Coast, also the depot in Nowergup is a private Downer/EDI & bombardier depot not a PTA depot, and they want them to run exclusively on the butler & Mandurah lines, and the 15 on order now are being manufactured in either America or china as EDI no longer manufacture trains in Australia and will be delivered via road to Nowergup depot instead of freight rail to midland workshops the waratah trains are being manufactured part in New South Wales and part in china.

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Here's something I found during my studies. It's a concept drawing of the Karnup/Golden Bay/Paganoni Rd Station...

Also, I've been told that the B-series are unable to run on the Midland line due to their pantographs being too short. Supposedly there was an incident where they ran a B-series set out to Midland when they first received them and the contact shoe literally fell off the pantograph because the catenary was too high.
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Karnup Crossover - Mandurah Line

If anyones interested, noticed some works being done just north of Paganoni Rd overpass, Mandurah Line for a crossover.

Looks like its been going on for a while, i must have caught the end part.

The over head poles are a light green in colour at the moment and there are new signal masts installed, minus the heads of the new

signals. Looks like a 40km speed restriction board near the Shell servo on Mandurah rd, don't know if the new track is laid yet.

The PTA website has a link about it here explains why they're building.

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I believe last weekend's shutdown was to install one of the new crossovers, the other one I think was done late last year.
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I believe last weekend's shutdown was to install one of the new crossovers, the other one I think was done late last year.
Im currently working on the project at Karnup.
In early October 2013 we will be commissioning new signals, 8 point machines for the crossovers at the north and south end, remote controlled electric isolators for the overhead and a CCTV system.
Initially there were plans for a Temporary platform, however this has been canned.
PTA will have the ability to terminate a train at Karnup and send it back to Perth should there be an incident such as a bush fire.
Our drawings show a proposed platform length of 150 Metres sited just north of Paganoni Road bridge.
The word is that a railway station at Karnup is 4 years away and i suspect that Aubin Grove will happen first.
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Haven't seen anyone announcing contracts for Aubin Grove, but there are lots of signs up and I'm assuming the budget allocation is still there. So I'm pretty sure Aubin Grove will be first
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Interesting thread.

Comment 1). Nine-car platforms south of Glen Iris make perfect sense in the context of the Burswood Stadium and intensivive post-event traffic. The Thornlie - Glen Iris connection is of course key to that. At some point, Transperth/PTA will need to bite the bullet of SDO (Selective Door Opening) as being adopted in Britain as train lengths are increased to cope with demand. That would allow 9-car trains to work to 150m platforms. The system used in Scotland has the "all-stations" cars at the leading end, and advises passengers about those stations which require them to be "up front."

As regards the Canning Vale line, I envisage the station at Market City to be a busy bus interchange. I also