Photos from Uralla and Armidale

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Hi all, During this past Week, I have been up at Armidale attending a Church Week, On Friday I had the Opportunity to get Driven to Uralla and Armidale for some Snaps of the Station Precincts, They are as follows A Dead end siding at Uralla, Possibly could have been a Per way Siding of some Sort in days gone by The Frame Levers at Uralla, Enabling the points to be changed in Either Direction A View from Ground Level of the Station Building at Uralla, The very Historic mid 1800's Station Master's Cottage at Uralla , Obviously done up and Restored The Station Sign, Above the Former Staff Hut Room at Armidale Wide angled shot of the Historic Station Building at Armidale Some Bogie Lies at the Southern End of Armidale Yard, Possibly to go on Some Railmotor?? At Armidale, the New England Rail Society have a Couple of old Railmotors waiting to be done up and Restored, Here is one of them Poking out of the Shed, With a Help Wanted sign displayed Another Railmotor stands next to a partially Dismantled Semaphore Signal The 579km Peg, at Armidale Final Shot is of the Xplorer at Armidale this morning, awaiting the 09:00am Departure for Sydney

Hope you Enjoy

Kind Regards

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  Zuggy Beginner

Fantastic shots - excellent!
  jdennis Junior Train Controller

Great shots! I live around that area so it's all pretty familiar to me, but I must admit I don't think I've seen a photo of the morning Xplorer from the southern end of the platform before - great idea.

Not sure what's going on (if anything) with those railmotors being done up by New England Rail Society. They have been sitting in the shed for a long while now, and sadly have been subject to graffiti in the past. I assume they are waiting for the funds/labour to get working on them again.

I believe the plan at one stage was to have a set running to the Walcha Road pub every so often and then returning later in the evening.

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