Short video on designing a portable layout

  gombul Station Master

Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

I'm new to the forum and thought I'd share my 3min video. It's the first chapter of a series on building a small (coffee table) sized N-Scale layout. I'm by no means an expert (the opposite really) - this just collates some of the things we've been learning along the way.

This video covers the design process and talks about some of the challenges around gradient and radius for a small layout. But I'm just the guy with the camera, my boys are running the show Very Happy


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  linton78 Train Controller

Location: South Coast NSW
That's really good Rowan. Your video is really well produced. There was a thread on here recently about how the cost of this hobby adversely affects, discourages younger modellers. I think your video shows the more positive side to that arguement by illustrating how to build a low cost and achievable layout. I can see your two boys, if not already, will be well and truly hooked on the hobby after this experience.

Well done. I am looking forward to future videos.

  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
G'day Rowan,

I echo Linton's comments for sure!!!

I'm an old bloke (58 ) and have 3 sons who have never shown any interest in my life-long hobby. But that is all MY fault as I didn't get them involved at a young age, because I didn't want them touching my "precious" brass locos etc.

I'm now kicking myself as I am finding that my 3 teenage sons and I have very little in common.

What you are doing is great!!!


  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT

Excellent video!

Great to see the Canberra Model Railway Expo as a backdrop to your video and great to see the "tin lids" involved in building the layout! Good work!

Looking forward to the next edition.
  Teditor Deputy Commissioner

Location: Toowoomba
Well done Rowan, short, sweet and to the point, didn't drag on with a lot of garbage, I look forward to seeing further editions and the progress of the young ones (and the adult too!).

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