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There are a number of sidings at Bomen including the concrete sleeper plant and also the container terminal.  Are all of the sidings in use or is the container terminal (which looks to be located to the south of the railway station) the only siding seeing regular use?

See map below:


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Discussion for Bomen Railway Station
Is the platform on the Main Line or the Loop Line?

The above photo suggests the latter.
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The old stock yard siding may still be avaliable for use. Other than that, the sleeper plant and container sidings are still used. The fuel siding hasn't been used since I placed those wagons in there and worked the last fuel train in about 2009ish.
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the fuel siding was that used regularly up until it ceased operation and who was the company who maintained it?
  Fireman Dave Chief Commissioner

Location: Shh, I'm hiding
The fuel siding was used regularly. It was Ampol/Caltex.

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