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Hi guys,

We've decided to enable the review queue for our Flickr group.

What does this mean?
You can still submit up to 25 photos per day (a number we feel to be more than adequate). Your photos won't appear immediately in the group (and by extension our Image Gallery), but providing they fit our review criteria they'll be approved promptly.

Why has this been done?
In order to keep our group pool of a high enough standard our Flickr team has to prune a lot of photos from it - a lot of photos - and this takes up an inordinate amount of time.

Who moderates the review queue?
Select members of our Flickr team will monitor the queue and review photos as time allows.

What type of photos are not allowed?

  • Multiple frames: If a train is photographed multiple times at the same spot, with no discernible difference between each photo then all will be rejected.
  • Instagram / "Filtered" photos: Don't spoil a good photo with faux-film borders and filters or excessive post-processing.
  • Oversized watermarks: Nobody likes a photo spoiled with a huge watermark. Keep it simple, keep it subtle.
  • Non-rail photos: This is a railway website. If the photo isn't of a train, or railway infrastructure, it will be rejected.
  • Blurry / badly-exposed photos: These will be accepted only under exceptional circumstances.

As with other site rules, these are subject to change without notice and ultimately applied at the discretion of site staff.

Thanks for your understanding Smile

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