Summer of Cricket 2013/14

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8/273 at stumps.   Good recovery by Haddin & Johnson.   The rest gave up their wickets to waving the bat at the ball or not mastering the short pitch ball.   Not a good effort for so called Australia's best.
I have to agree.  It was a spectacularly poor batting display, even by our recent low standards.

England bowled fairly well it must be said, Swann in particular was very very good, and his spell really turned the game IMHO.  But there were a lot of very disappointing dismissals.  

For a WA boy for Rogers to be out fending the way he was, just unbelievable.  You have to ask some serious questions about their preparation for Rogers to be playing at that ball.

Watson I think played the worst innings of all.  He was plonking onto the front foot, concentrating on hitting straight, and completely unable to score.  Warner got off to a bit of a flyer, but Watson ended up hogging the strike and allowed the English bowlers to find the their length.  England still bowled too short at times, but Watson wasn't able to do anything with that, and they covered his limited front foot play on the field.  But that need not have been a problem had he survived till tea, but he didn't quite make it till lunch.

Clarke's dismissal was terrible, and part of a growing trend for him to be bounced out while he stands and plays with a straight bat balls at his head.  There was a time not long ago he'd swipe those through midwicket.  But even in his prime he did that with no footwork, so I'm a little surprised at how easily he hit bowlers out of bowling bounces at him in the past.  How much his sore back in impacting his ability to play the short ball is anyone's guess, but I've got to say that on recent evidence it's hard to see Clarke having much longer in the game.

Warner's dismissal looked worse that it was, he was caught half way between cutting and driving at a ball which probably held up just a bit.  I don't think it's fair to criticise Warner for playing his shots.  But I think it is fair to criticise him for *another* good start without going on.  Unfortunately the batting around him probably contributed to this a bit.

Smith got a good ball.  And Smith employed the right tactics too: looking to pull the quicks and forcing them to pitch up.  But, being one of 5 front-foot right-handers in the top 7, he was pushing forward in defence and left himself a bit vulnerable.   To me this highlights our ongoing selection problems.  It's taken us a 0-4 & 0-3 in slow spin friendly conditions to weed out all the back foot left handed batters from the middle order.  And that's left us with a team full of RH front foot players who are susceptible to good swing or even hit-the-pitch bowling in fast bouncy conditions.  Anderson beat the bat a lot without taking wickets, and he could easily have rolled Australia with great bowling, even though our inept batting meant he didn't need to.

Bailey's dismissal was also very disappointing.  The thinking behind his innings was spot on: defend as much as possible off the back foot.  But fiddling outside off stump?  Comes from playing too much one-day cricket and not enough "real" cricket in the lead up.

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Hm - Aussies with 10-for in Tests. Last one I can remember off the top of the head is Dennis Lillee in the Centenary Test in Melbourne.
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Johnson is bowling just as badly as in 2010/11, this will be a long summer if this is the best 3rd seamer we have!
  djf01 Chief Commissioner

Here are some fun facts.

Since 01 November 2012, Australia's top order has averaged 36 runs per player, per innings. India, on top of the list, averages 51 per player. Australia sits 7th on the list only above Zimbabwe, Pakistan and New Zealand.


Now this is where it gets interesting - let's look at the bottom 5 (7 to 11) over the same time. Australia has easily faced more balls (1500 more), faced more balls per player, scored more runs, scored more 50+ scores (16 compared to Banladesh's 10 and England's 7) and averages more runs per player. In fact, the bottom 5 average 25, the top 6 average 36. India's bottom 5 average 17.

Since 01 November 2012, Australia has used 28 different players.

In that time Australia has played 15 tests, 12 against the other top 4 nations, 7 of those away from home in conditions deliberately prepared to suit the opposition.
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Hm - Aussies with 10-for in Tests. Last one I can remember off the top of the head is Dennis Lillee in the Centenary Test in Melbourne.
For the game, I should have added.