New names for trains

  Gauntlet Chief Commissioner

69M's partner 1335T has external advertising for "Incredible India," perhaps it was applied when C Deuchar was removed recently.

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  Gauntlet Chief Commissioner

63M now has the name Dale Attwell, but 64M doesn't (at least on 63m's right).
The stickers are black and it's an elaborate font.
  Gauntlet Chief Commissioner

63M-1332T-64M has advertising for Holmesglen TAFE now.
The Dale Attwell stickers are still there, but are about 10% covered by advertising.
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
It makes me wonder when they are going to correct the spelling of Iramoo on 851M and 852M. I caught 852M two days ago, and it still has the M and R around the wrong way.
  Gauntlet Chief Commissioner

The two driving carriages of Vlocity set 1109-1309-1209 are now named after Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Payne.
They must have done this when they added 1309 to the set.
  potatoinmymouth Chief Commissioner

It was on media outlets a while ago. The goodwill it generated has totally evaporated now...
  Contrillion Junior Train Controller

Location: Geelong, Victoria
Purely coincidence, I saw that very train heading on a Geelong down service this afternoon for the first time since being named.
  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

Location: Mundrabilla but I'd rather be in Narvik
More spin.
Don't worry about the wheels - just put a name on the top half and people will be impressed.
Wonder if she would have won the Cup on a horse with 3 legs.
  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
Who gives a fish tit  about names? Just give us clean, serviceable trains that run on time.
  Lad_Porter Chief Commissioner

Location: Yarra Glen
Oh, I don't know.  Names like "Overdue" have a certain poignancy .....

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