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  crisfitz Chief Commissioner

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Hi all,

Over the Xmas break I headed to Western Victoria, and was lucky enough to be at Cobden for a run day.

It is an excellent set up, beautifully laid out through some lovely gardens and landscapes. Certainly a great setting Smile

On arrival we found the the Cobden guys a bit short staffed, and with a tree down over the line and a crowd growing rapidly the group was under a bit of pressure. So my family (all volunteers is various community groups) offered to pitch in and give a hand. Whilst my son and I shifted the tree, my mum and dad (both in their 60's) manned the ticket box and helped out around the station. I also jumped in the guards van a few times to help out, having being a guard at Castledare many times.

Whilst our help was greatly appreciated by most of the members there, unfortunately one member made it very clear our assistance was neither appreciated or wanted, which really put a dampener on the day. It certainly didn't make me want to become a member of the association, had I lived closer. It is a real shame people like that undo so much great work done by the rest of the Cobden guys.

Anyway, here's a few photos from the day Smile

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  crisfitz Chief Commissioner

Location: Enroute somewhere
Sorry. Don't know why the link to Flickr isn't showing up.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Not so sorry as the guy who was a spoilsport..... just got the link working, so I could see the photos.

You sounded as if you had a good day and doi not let one person spoll it for you.  Think of the ither people who you helped.

It's a great Railway, a good track to visit and drive, especially on new years eve.  Your family's effort  would have been appriciated by those you helped.

David Head
  lrbam Chief Train Controller

Location: The Great South West
As a member at Cobden, may I offer my apology that you were made to feel unwelcome by a club member.

I was not there that day as I believe a lot of members were of the understanding we would not be running due to our major effort on New Years Eve. That was the information given on the website. Usually Cobden Rotary man the ticket box and cafe while the South West Model Engineers run the trains. Should you contact the club to express your concerns I am sure they would give you a prompt response.

I was there on the Monday to prepare my steamer "Jack" for the Tuesday (New Years Eve) extended run. There were a number of other club members visiting over several days which was wonderful to see. We would struggle to hold the New Years Eve function without the support of other clubs, especially Diamond Valley.

I hope you will be able to visit again sometime.

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