Pre-1958 Adelaide tram routes

  edison Chief Commissioner

I am aware that most Adelaide tram lines were through-routed north-south and east-west.
Where can I find details of these arrangements? A few lines started from Victoria Sqare. Which were these, and from which quadrant? And finally, where can I obtain detailed track maps of the system, especially the city area, showing crossovers and other special work?

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  don_dunstan The Ghost of George Stephenson

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The most famous map and the only one that has any substantial detail is on Johnny's Pages here. I don't think it has the sort of detail you're asking for; I'm not sure where you would go for maps that have more detail.  If you do find them then feel free to update the rest of us.
  bevans Site Admin

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This is also a great resource.
  JimYarin Chief Commissioner

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good link. queensland also had light rail networks.
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

This almost 100-year old diagram from Railway World shows King William Street in fine details:

  Pressman Spirit of the Vine

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Don't forget to have a look around the Adelaide Tram Museum's website, lots of info on routes, tram types, Horse drawn trams and trolley bus routes. Also downloadable maps
  1S47 Assistant Commissioner

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There is a series of about 5 booklets published by the St. Kilda Tramway Museum that cover most of the Adelaide tramway system. Examples of titles include "The Northern Lines", "Parade to Kensington", "Southern Lines" etc. These were published in late 1990s and may still be available (for purchase) from the AETM at St Kilda. There's also a separate earlier and rather more detailed book by Christopher Steele called "The Burnside Lines".

All these books cover a lot of detail on operation of the Adelaide street tramlines, including info on through-routing and city termini, but I don't think any of them have detailed track maps.

If you live in Adelaide, I'm pretty sure you can refer to all of these books at the S.A. State Library on North Terrace. You can photocopy them, but cannot borrow them. You will also have to request them from the library storage, as they are fairly specialized items and are not on the open shelf. But this is fairly painless if you can wait 20 minutes or so for the librarian to retrieve them.

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