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I have some questions in regard to differences between the fleet of GH wagons. Firstly, was there more GH's with 2 roof hatches or one long roof hatch. A quick search brought up this from The early GH's had two discharge doors and two roof hatches, the vast majority had one discharge door and one long roof hatch. It is not known if any 2 door GH's were converted to a single door. Does anyone know if this is true? Also does this mean that there was probably no GH's with two roof hatches and a single door. If so how come auscision are offering a version with these features, has anyone kit build/scratch built the two door variant.

Update: Auscision's GH page has a picture of a single door GH with 2 roof hatches. So maybe there was GH's with two roof hatches and a single door, but was it common?

Thanks in advance.

P.S would this be better of in the Victorian section, i wasn't sure because it is also about modeling variants of the GH wagon not just prototype information.

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Have a check through Peter Vincent and Rob O'regan's websites, there's quite a catalogue of GH prototype photos, some drawings and some limited batch information. The photos are your best bet. Pretty sure I built a two hatch, two chute model and I looked at the prototype very closely to do so, if I couldn't find solid evidence for it, I wouldn't have gone to the trouble to make the model.

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