Don't know what type of mech/panto for a NSW 85 Class

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

G'day everyone,

I have a Frieomont NSW 85 Class HO Scale model kit, but I don't know what type of mechanism or pantographs to use for it could anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance

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  5711 Assistant Commissioner

Tomix HO scale panto's would be your first bet. Might be able to get them via ebay or a tomix retailer.

Apart from that you can contact micro models in Hornsby as they are on the verge of releasing their 85 class kit complete which might be a better option.....I've seen it and its very very nice.
They may be able to sell you the pantograph s separately anyway.

Regarding the mechanism, I would think very carefully before committing to such a project as I tried many years ago with a austrains 80 class as the basis and it was just too messy. The 80 class would be a close match but the wheel sizes are wrong and I doubt the friedmont body would fit too well.....
  brissim Chief Train Controller

Would have thought the first choice for the mechanism would be Hollywood. He will make the mechanism with the correct wheel size, spacing etc. It is however expensive. But otherwise, as 5711 said, I too would wait for the IDR/Micro Models 85 Class kit. I also saw the pilot model before Christmas and it certainly looks the part.

  5711 Assistant Commissioner

The IDR release is essentially complete, and just needs painting. It has a one piece body and for the price would be more economical then any other option in my opinion .
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Thanks guys, I will look into the kit Smile

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