Magnetic air hoses

  3CM Station Master

I recall reading somewhere in the last few month of some after-market air hoses with tiny magnets on the ends which "attach" to themselves. I know they were a US product just released on the market at the time, can anyone point me in the right direction? Supplier? Product name?

It may have been mentioned here on RP buy I cannot find any reference to it.

I use Sergeants Couplers so I naturally have no trip pin like on a Kaydee coupler.

Thanks in advance


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  kingfisher Chief Train Controller

Is this what you are looking for
  rusty Junior Train Controller

Location: Bundaberg
This is the web site, John.
  3CM Station Master

That's them. Thanks guys. I have placed an order but they seem to have an unsual order process. From what I've established they have no resellers and upon placing an order with PWRS, your order is on hold pending PWRS contacting you to authorise opening an account??? Very odd.
  Railwayfan Train Controller

Location: By a Railway
Cool, may have to invest in some. Has anyone tried them yet? Let us know how they go 3CM.
  3CM Station Master

I received an email from a "James Magoo Parrot" asking for them to call me on a US number to provide my credit card details. I wasn't comfortable with that (making an overseas call AND giving my card details to someone called James Magoo Parrot !!!). The other option is they want me to send my card details to two separate email addresses!!

I'm not sure what sort of operation they are running, but I'm not happy with any of this... I've done a quick search and canot find anyone who has actually purchased them! They have a flashy website but that's it. If these are legit and so popular (as they make them out to be) why aren't they being sold in hobby shops across the US?? Sorry but alarm bells are ringing for me.
  The railway dog Train Controller

Location: Adelaide Hills
Just Googled "James Magoo Parrot" & the only entry is your last post.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Somewhere there is an article on how to make your own. I have no idea where I saw it. I think it in involves those rare earth magnets.

David Head
  TheBlacksmith Chief Commissioner

Location: Ankh Morpork
Tell them if they don't do PayPal then shove it. They seem to require you to have a PORTERS account, and a quick Google shows it is only associated with them.
  3CM Station Master

THanks for your replies.

Blacksmith, Yes a "Porters" account has been mentioned. I have absolutely no idea what that is Rolling Eyes  I have asked for a PayPal account (I've been using PayPal for years - never had an issue with getting refunds for no-show items).

We'll see if they respond...

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