Preserving a second Series X class, someone has to do it

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X37 and X38 were built as replacements for the damaged S class locos S314 and S316 that were written off in the 1969 accident at Violet Town on the SG. These Xs were fitted with the 16-567C engines from these Ss and were subsequently fitted with the 645-E3 engines as with the later Xs to follow. So actually, there were 4 series of Xs built.

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X 37 and X 38 were built on a Working Expenses account 128/4625 and DID NOT use the engines from S 314 and 316. Both S locomotive engines were beyond repair as a consequence of the Violet Town incident and X 37 and X 38 were built with 16-645E engines. X 31-36 were Capital account (Contract 62902) and were built with 16-567E engines (E crankcases incorporating C power assemblies.) X 39-44 were also Capital account (Contract 63420) and were built with 6-645E engines. X 45-54 were Capital account locomotives (Contract 64002.)

The VR CME and the Motive Power section always referred to locomotive batches by their Contract number .......

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Thank you for your explanation t_woodroffe. I stand corrected about the S engines being used for X37 and X38.
That therefore means that these Xs were pretty much identical to X39-X44 batch.
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I don't see any problems with preserving one if they can get enough cash together, and convince PN that their intentions are honourable. If people weren't interested in saving certain examples of locomotives and rollingstock, then we probably wouldn't have much stuff in preservation, as it would have been lost to the scrap heap. This sort of thinking should be encouraged if we want to see parts of our ever evolving rail system preserved for future generations to enjoy. Granted, you can't save everything; but there is no harm in trying to preserve some of the more important pieces of our railway history, and I think a second series X certainly warrants that sort of attention.

To those making this proposal, it might be worth considering where you will be able to democile it first, and how much it will cost to get it to an operable condition again (presuming that is your intention) before jumping into the deep end. Test the waters, and come up with a sound plan before you act on anything. There is an awful lot to preserving stuff, especially if you want it to be operational. You will also need a hell of a lot of money, and that always needs to be kept in mind.

Either way, it's your baby. Good luck with it.

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