Freight Train derails in Melbourne causing delays

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  waynes Junior Train Controller

Location: Victoria
A freight train has again derailed in Melbourne.  The goods train from Warrnambool and operated by Pacific National derailed at approximately 01:43am whilst entering the Port of Melbourne area. A review of the Railpage Railcam Service shows the train stopped on the main line into Melbourne from West Footscray being the location of a major derailment late last week.

Railpage has been advised it is the front of the train which has derailed with the first wagon also leaving the tracks. Cranes are being summoned to lift the train back onto the rails. It is not known when services will resume.

This derailment has caused a long list of goods train delays into and out of Melbourne with many services being delayed across the state form Melbourne to the South Australian border and also Melbourne to Albury.
Freight Train derails in Melbourne causing delays

My question is regarding the investigation into the derailment.  Was this track maintained by Vline or ARTC and what was the determined cause of the derailment?

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