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with the latest update for the tripview app it now shows the south west rail link

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It would have been nice to meet and say thanks to at least a few contributors to this now deceased thread but as no one was evident I didn't get to.

Prior to 10am Leppington and Campbelltown services were using P3 and Macarthur P4; after 10am P3 had the Leppington and 'turn-back' services. Ex-Leppington trains were using P2.

A 'Change at Glenfield for Leppington services' type announcement was lacking on the automatic on-train announcements on approach to Glenfield.

Regrettably the ~8.40am service from Glenfield arrived at Leppington in time for the official opening ceremony, with the unveiling a little after 9am (no pic; no visibility) on the main concourse, but the plaque was mounted on a mobile stand, so they either don't trust vandals or they were reluctant to drill holes in the new station. Decided to catch the ~9.15am train back to Glenfield, but so did the politicians, press and multiple hangers-on, that got me a 'What do you think of it?' from the Transport Minister and a 'It's the best we've got' from me. (which was the kindest 'political' reply I could think of at short notice.)

At least one train from Leppington terminated on P2 at Glenfield in the p.m. then set back into P3 for the return to Leppington. No idea why.

At this time not had a look at what I got photo-wise, but as we were pulling away from Leppington I heard the 'familiar' voice of Phil, the 'Sydney Trains Vlogs' man, apparently making a recording of the journey, this time from the southern side of the train; this may be something to track down in the near future.

Coming back to Campbelltown it was of course necessary to change platforms at Glenfield. Alas, I heard the guard give the right-of-way as I stepped on to the bottom step, less than 2 car lengths from the train guards position; if changing platforms is to become 'necessary', it would auger well for everyones happiness (including the guards) if this process could be be better handled.

If I add anything further to my 'photo album' will repost a link back here.
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Yep, as expected, Phil's doing complete coverage:

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I wasn't quite as crazy as to catch the 5:03am... I caught the one after 9am from Glenfield- the desto first said "Special"  then "Terminates" but the down signal was showing "double yellow" so we knew where it was going! As soon as it stopped the doors opened and the guard yelled out "Get on... going to Leppington!" So we did... the almost immediate thing noticed was that here was a Millenium free of all signs of dirt or human habitation. You could eat your meal off the floor and seats... it was scrubbed clean down to the paint... we may never see this happen again in our lifetimes!

The "official" train was in Leppington platform 2 when I arrived and I took the ride back to Glenfield (via Liverpool) on the next service...

A memorable day for SW Sydney...


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Stupid question from an interstater - looking at the online timetable, it's just a $1.8bn shuttle service (about the same as the whole Mandurah line in WA cost).

I'm obviously missing something here, but is it safe to say there no through services to the CBD?

Thanks in advance.
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It is a temporary timetable until they integrate the line into the Sydney Trains network... I believe there is a new timetable coming out later in the