Locomotives and Rollingstock on your Workbench

  FlorianfromAustria Station Master

Location: Austria-Vienna
Actually, my first self-made M class carriages (Queensland Rail) are assembled and ground-painted.

Now I build the two L class carriages LAR and LBL , but thats a litte bit tricky, because I try to make the beadings with small Evergreen stripes....

Here are the first pictures: I hope they please Wink







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  1213Driver Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth Western Australia
Here is another project I have had on the go for the last 12 months and recently completed.

It is a Sn3.5 scale model of a WAGR "AH" First Class Sleeping car

In 1948 the WAGR built 6 new steel bodied sleeping cars for use on the "Westland" which met the Trans services at Kalgoorlie in break of gauge days. They had 8 two berth compartments fitted out with the most modern facilities of the time providing a comparative level of accommodation to the Trans train. They were used on the Westland until 1969 when the opening of the Standard Gauge through to Perth saw them relegated to other overnight services until being written off as a group in 1975 with the demise of country passenger services in Western Australia. 5 of the AH cars have survived into preservation.

This project was actually started by a member of our group about 20 years ago and some kits were produced before the patterns were put away indefinately.

With a more recent interest in building some of these cars, I sought out the use of the molds and with approval of the original owner, I commenced some upgrades and created a new pattern for the car side. Other parts needed were the roof, 8ft bogies and the floor was upgraded with all detail parts included. These were all produced as patterns for casting and creation of a kit

One useful modeling technique unavailable many years ago was 3D decals and the AH needed this for the louvres above the windows, which although minor in some respects, they are a feature of this car that had previously been not modelled due to their difficult nature.

These are the main cast parts of the kit.

I have since built 5 of these cars to completion and sold a few kits also. Here below is the 5 cars under construction and then on their first test run on a friends layout.

Test Run of the AH cars in Westland consist and an alternate livery.
  poxbox3030 Train Controller

Location: Train Control
Quicky! Just wondering if there are any updates on the Jumbo Power Car?
  Flatop Deputy Commissioner

Location: Some where in a Cab
Hmmm Victoria. Try and contact eric at the VHC. Hers normally in from 1 - 4 on fridays. Either he will do it or be able to contact someone else hoo can. Dave
Eric passed away about 2 years ago.
  lkernan Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Eric passed away about 2 years ago.

And the post you quoted was from 10 years ago.
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

Hi Guys, sorry to disappoint but the Jumbo Power Car is still on the workbench. At the moment I am trying to finish a number of narrow gauge projects including a module/diorama of a small southern flinders ranges station in time for the convention. I'll have some pics of the completed items in a week or two.

FYI the SAGASCO decal colour has been corrected although I haven't got back to correcting my tanker. AMRM October 89, Pg 55 has a colour photo of one of the tankers with Aftrans signage but the majority of the original SAGASCO artwork was still in place.
  poxbox3030 Train Controller

Location: Train Control
Hi Guys, sorry to disappoint but the Jumbo Power Car is still on the workbench.
No worries mate!

I just received the trailer car kit so I have something to do while waiting for the power car. Any hints or tips on putting the trailer car together? And also how to do the windows? Thanks!
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

Hi guys, first things first. the Jumbo kit is relatively simple so I don't have much I can say. For me the best approach was to glue the rear end into the body prior to painting, but I painted the front separate to the body to avoid excessive amounts of masking. with the windows I used Krystal Klear despite the fact that due to the size of the drivers compartment window it was a little challenging.

Now on to the latest project....

With less than 2 weeks to go until the MRSA Convention I am sure that many of you have received your registration letter by now. If so you would have noticed that besides the release of many new HO kits by Strath Hobbies there was a comment that there will be a surprise release by us.

We have been burning the midnight oil here to have everything ready in time and are now very close to completing the final samples pictured below and having kits ready for sale (some are already released and available). For those that won't be at the convention we are releasing a number of narrow gauge SAR and CR kits in Sn3.5. Many of these will, or have recently also been released in HO.

For those going to the convention we will have built samples of these kits on a display module based on Melrose in the southern Flinders Ranges.

The S scale kits being released will include:

A SAR 830 loco with a Hollywood Foundry mech. We also intend to do decal sets for the more modern versions of the 830, and for the red/white Silverton locos

A Commonwealth Railways NSU based on a SD9 mech/chassis

Mcn and Vcw Louvered Vans

Cn Cattle Van

Fnc 40' Flat Car and the HB Horsebox, and no the tractor is not included in the kit

The Passenger Brake and 3 versions of the Goods Brake Van. I still need to fit windows to all of these

And the standard version of the NG Brill (cars 101-106). We are also producing a kit of Car 100 with the extended baggage compartment. Both will be released in the not too distant future, we are just waiting on decals and the last of the white metal detail components for the kits. This should see the kits released in about 6 weeks time.

Finally, we have 4 different white metal bogies available if you plan to scratch build your own rolling stock.

So if you have been interested in building SAR or CR narrow gauge in Sn3.5, it's now a little easier.
  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT

SAR in Sn3.5!!!! That is an amazing announcement! Very exciting to see an expansion of the SA railway scene! Well Done!

By the way, all your Sn3.5 model look fantastic! SmileSmile
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

Hi Guys, the Sn3.5 bug continues to bite. Just completed one of my favourite NG wagons, a SAR 3000 Gallon 6 wheel water tank. I believe that there were 7 of these in total on the NG and they were used as a supplementary loco water supply. I have seen video footage in the late 60's of a T class working between Peterborough and Quorn with a pair of these in tow.

This will become a Strath Hobbies kit at some stage, but at the moment we are just trying to get on top of everything else that has been released this year.
  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT
That is a very lovely model Matt!

Well done!Very Happy
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

And another Brill 75 in Sn3.5. This time its car 106 as preserved on the Pichi Richi.

  Streamliner Junior Train Controller

Location: NSW South Coast
Top notch work as always, almost makes me want to change to narrow gauge!

Any progress on the 520 chassis project?
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

Cheers Guys, the 520 project has been a little more complicated than first thought. The initial idea has merit but we have the challenge that the size of the 3D print is slightly different to the drawing. In addition we are looking to have these cast in white metal to keep the costs down but this introduces additional variations in dimensions. With some of the dimensions currently being fairly critical some additional thought and redesign is likely to be required.
In the mean time I have been looking at a chassis for the CR NB30. This will use a Bachmann BR03 shunter mech as the donor (wheel diameter and overall wheel base is correct although there are slight differences in wheel spacing) but as with the 520 the NB requires a chassis that will allow it to fit within the body. This is a much easier mod than the 520 and I nearly have it sorted. Also being smaller it is much cheaper than the 520 so I am happy to use a printed metal chassis for the kit. Once I am confident that the NB is ok I will return to the 520. Currently I have a NB built up using a cheaper lower quality print for the body which is a little liney compared to what we will use for the final master but it gives you a pretty good idea of what the final product will look like (and yes I have the steps to go with it).

  Streamliner Junior Train Controller

Location: NSW South Coast
Hopefully when I get around to my kit you'll have it sorted, if not I'll have an excuse to buy a Brill! Laughing
  norco Beginner

Impressed by your efforts with Sn3½ SAR equipment. Have recently bought two sets of Sn3½ bogies from Strath Hobbies. Currently building a small jig to align the bolster & side frames so I can solder them together.
On my workbench are two scratch built flats, an FNTC and an FNC. The photo of your SFNC does raise a question for me. What are the tie-downs on the side sills? Some bracket that extends below the sill? With an eye bolt secured shackle?
Unable to find any closeup photos showing this detail.
Can you assist with this information?
Gary (aka norco)
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

Hi Gary, the Strath Hobbies kit was based on the flat which is on the remains of the old Quorn line just North of Steamtown at Peterborough.

  MaskedRailfan Train Controller

Just curious, the flat would have been coded Fnc originally, what was the SFnc recode for?

So Matt, you've done the 6 wheel water tank. Needs a loco to go with it, when should I start saving for a T? Smile
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

Yep, originally this would have been a Fnc and built around 1940. Unfortunately I don't have a background in the railways so I don't know why or where the S prefix came from.  

A T class is on the list to do (I would love to have one myself, and a 400 class, and a Silverton W and.... you get the picture), but we have so many projects on the go currently the T is way down the list. However, keep an eye on the EOTLH website (or on this thread) as there will definitely be some S scale SA NG steam appear in 2016.

Just one of the current projects is building the manufacturers sample of the Brill car 100 kit (with the extended baggage compartment). And I know you are probably thinking just how many NG Brills do I need? Well after this there is still the trailer car.

  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT
The Brill looks great Matt!

I love the rivet detail... Very good model. Well done!
  norco Beginner

The Brill looks great Matt!

I love the rivet detail... Very good model. Well done!
Thanks for the photos of the SFnc Flat. Just what I need. When you look closely at the prototype cars they have had many changes over the years. This is evidenced by the weld lines indicating repairs or having bits chopped off.
As I live in Sydney, it is a long trip for me to get some detail photos. There are a few SAR goods wagons on the Lithgow Zig Zag line that I have photographed in detail. I will post some photos of my Fnc when it is finished.
I like the photos of the #100 Brill car. One will be on my short list.
Thanks again for the photos.
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

Hi Guys, over the last couple of months Paul and I have been busy with designs for a heap of new Sn3.5 and HO scale kits. We are now at the point where we have some molds complete so are starting to produce castings, make up samples and work through decals and some other detail bits for all of these kits.So far I have paint on the SE Explosive Van

Rn Insulated Van

Gn Open Wagon

and an On Concentrate Wagon

Both open wagons have internal detail cast into the sides and ends

In addition I am building an S scale 830 in the early Silverton colours

and I now have a printed brass chassis for the S scale NB which I am happy with

These are designed so that the S scale version will use the mechanism from a Bachmann BR03 shunter. When the kits are released I will have done the chassis conversion so anyone buying the kit will only need to paint and detail the body before fitment. The HO kits will be a body only kit and people will need to source their own mech.

Then last but not least, the guys from Railwest Models have been kind enough to produce a limited run of their S scale G class 2-6-0 loco kits to be sold under the Strath Hobbies banner. I am currently building one (I only have the tender 90% built at this stage) and am working through the differences between the WAGR G class and the SAR Y class so that we can supply the additional items such as the correct headlight, pilot and large steam dome (along with a number of other minor detail changes) required to complete this kit as an SAR Y class

and there is more on the way....
  mattc66 Locomotive Driver

....and the Y class is going together in record time. Structurally I just need to complete the pickups and chip it. Then its finishing off the detail work on the boiler and tender before I hit it with some paint.

  Streamliner Junior Train Controller

Location: NSW South Coast
Great work as always Matt, The Y looks impressive- can you make it in HO scale now?! Wink

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