Taralga bauxite

  donttellmywife Chief Commissioner

Location: Antofagasta
Not knowing much about anything but I wonder why do 'they' want to mine Bauxite there with all its 'Start Up Needs' when there is/was the mine and all the facilities at Weipa which is also closer to China or where ever the ore is shipped for processing ??
But of course, depending on subsidies,funding,tax'es, brown nosing and back patting, its ignore whats there and start anew.
Bauxite is still mined near and shipped from Weipa, in a big way, with processing both overseas and in Australia at the two large refineries near Gladstone.

But 'they' (Australian Bauxite Limited) are a completely unrelated company to the owner of Weipa (Rio Tinto), so I'm really not sure why you even think this is relevant.  

(Weipa is also many, many times larger (reserves of ~1.5 billion tonnes) and higher quality than the deposits being discussed here (~40 million tonnes of resource).)

I wonder why you want to live in your house, when somebody unrelated to you is already living in a mansion in a different town?

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  gordon_s1942 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
Actually I thought Weipa had scaled back operations in recent years as had the production of Alumina but even so, here is an existing facility already in operation and business being business, might be willing to sell their product to another.
With all the attendant difficulties today with the environmental  protection and planning approvals needed to start from scratch for a new mine, along with building all the needed infrastructure which takes time and cost, it could be a viable alternative to consider buying elsewhere.
I dont know where you live but I am on the border of the NSW Coal Fields and have seen one long established running Coal mine forced to close for over 3 months, standing down (300) all but basic staff while they waited for an extension of their Mining lease to be approved.
Another 'Open Cut' not 20 kms away was forced to close completely because of being refused permission to extend their working area as the current one was near worked out.
A third mine has managed to get their requested approval passed in time to avoid its closure as they began to run out of coal.
Much opposition to mining is from Groups who for no other reason just simply oppose mining in any form along with those concerned with the environment and the use of roads for transport and although many in each group dont care for the others ideals, they will and do band together 'for the Common Cause'.
Recently a new gravel quarry has opened up locally but it took a number of years after much opposition before approval was granted to allow it to be opened.
At this time a Gravel quarry is seeking approval in a rural area 11 kms from Bathurst and although the Council appears to have approved in principle for it to go ahead, those who live nearby and affected by the Quarry are beginning to voice their Opposition and I wonder how those in the Taralga area where this mine is proposed are for or against its development???

Back in the late 1990's a Gravel Quarry was proposed not too far from me in an area I thought wasnt suitable along with some other reasons and I added my opposition to its opening and it never did.
  donttellmywife Chief Commissioner

Location: Antofagasta
Actually I thought Weipa had scaled back operations in recent years as had the production of Alumina but even so, here is an existing facility already in operation and business being business, might be willing to sell their product to another.
No, and the refineries that process Weipa bauxite have been expanded over recent years (one of them is only just over ten years old).  There have been refinery related closures at other operations (e.g. Gove).

Not all bauxite is bauxite - the specific minerals that hosts the aluminium oxide within the ore varies, which can vary the conditions needed for the initial digestion in the refinery, and different refineries have different tolerances for the other rubbish that might be mixed in.

But that aside, what you are suggesting makes no sense.  A business will sell its product to the buyer that is willing to pay the most.  If you had a customer that wanted to buy bauxite, why would Weipa sell the bauxite to you first, rather than just talking direct to the customer?  

The whole idea of developing these deposits is that they want, in some small way, to become a competitor to existing suppliers, perhaps by focussing on a particular segment of the market.  No different from someone setting up a competing grocery store, or butcher, or baker, in a world where there are already quite a few existing stores.

I am well aware of the requirements for getting a new mining (or related project) off the ground in NSW, and in other Australian jurisdictions.  I live in the Hunter.
  RTT_Rules Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Dubai UAE
Yarwun, the newer refinery in Gladstone doubled in size in last 5 years although the project went on go slow.
QAL the older one and until about 10 years back largest in world is always trying to squeeze more out
Weipa has also been selling more bauxite directly to OS (read China)

Alumina refineries are normally built to process a particular type of bauxtie. There is pressure and temperature increases to crack the more complex bauxtie. Weipa