2016 Transperth timetables

  Mouse Chief Train Controller

Turns out that we are actually getting some upgrades from 31st January next year.

I'm guessing that this will see the end of regular A-set services to Butler and Cockburn?

Joondalup and Mandurah Lines
  • C pattern will be abolished, W pattern will stop at Greenwood
  • Additional early morning trips on the Mandurah Line
  • Additional peak shoulder trips on both lines
  • Esplanade station will be renamed to Elizabeth Quay

Fremantle Line
  • K and L patterns will be deleted - trains will stop at all stations

Armadale/Thornlie Line
  • The 7:46pm service from Armadale will stop at all stations

Midland Line
  • No change

Bus services along the Joondalup and Mandurah lines will also see timetable changes to connect with the new train times.


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  anuddernut Locomotive Fireman

Location: Near the beach
Wouldn't a better name for the Esplanade be Betty's Jetty?  Another Emperor's call

After all, what's wrong with The Esplanade?  It's next to the Esplanade Busport after all.
  Bahnfrend Station Master

Location: Perth, WA
Wouldn't a better name for the Esplanade be Betty's Jetty?  Another Emperor's call

After all, what's wrong with The Esplanade?  It's next to the Esplanade Busport after all.

There's a long-disused (but perhaps not formally closed) station in Fremantle that was named Esplanade.  Its platforms are still intact, and there's also occasional speculation about reopening it.  So the name Esplanade was always a problematic one for the now-soon-to-be renamed station in Perth.

Also, the word "esplanade" means "a long, open, level area, typically beside the sea, along which people may walk for pleasure", and of course the esplanade that used to exist on the Perth foreshore has now been dug up and transformed into Elizabeth Quay ...
  Northmetro Junior Train Controller

So north-south services will all be all stops metro style service. Good for passengers at Greenwood, Glendalough, Leederville and Canning bridge, but not necessarily good for spreading train loadings evenly. Will we see the remaining 3 car trains during the peak confined to Whitfords-Cockburn workings? I doubt it. There will still be trains with standing room only from Edgewater and these will now call at Glendalough and Leederville as well (if anyone can get on by then).

But I think there is some light at the end of the tunnel. By my counting we are not far off having enough B sets for a complete 6 car service.
  Northmetro Junior Train Controller

pdf versions of new timetables are now available on Transperth website

As well as everything north-south running all stations, they have slipped in the odd extra minute in the schedule here and there - presumably to improve punctuality performance (funny how you can be measured as performing better when the trains run slower)

A good improvement is that Mandurah and Butler trains don't go to half hourly until 9:15pm

Strangely the Joondalup line timetable still shows Whitfords trains (now all stations) as W, but the trains starting/terminating at Clarkson are no longer labelled K.
  Mouse Chief Train Controller

Hopefully the extra minute added to the Mandurah Line 24/7 will be to accommodate construction at Aubin Grove (given that Cockburn Central to Kwinana takes a minute longer in both directions), and ideally will allow the new station to be slotted in once operational without affecting the rest of the timetable.

The Fremantle Line has also had a modest improvement to evening frequencies, now operating every 15 minutes outbound until 7:30pm Monday-Saturday and 7pm Sunday (currently 7:00 Mon-Fri and 6:30 Sat-Sun). Some lesser improvements have been made to inbound services on the Friday and Saturday timetables.
  Mouse Chief Train Controller

Some comments, now that we are a few days into the new timetable:
  • The single A set is still running, but does not make it to Butler any more (only to Clarkson). Operating hours for it have also been cut back.
  • While the official Railcar Allocations page is unavailable at the moment, my impression is that the small number of 3-car consists remaining have indeed been confined to shuttles (extending to Clarkson when accessing the depot).
  • While not especially closely related to the trains, the ferry has seen a major timetable upgrade to every 15 minutes from September to May, along with the move to Elizabeth Quay jetty (which massively improves connectivity with the train service). Hopefully this will revitalise ferry patronage after years of significant decreases.

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