Canberra's heritage rail society in crisis of confidence

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The no confidence vote was due to be heard last night wondering what the outcome was?

I see Les Coulton was quoted in the article!

Canberra's heritage rail society in crisis of confidence

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I found this article a bit more informative:

eg, this quote:

'Many speakers at the December meeting said they were concerned about the way limited resources were being spread across a wide range of refurbishment and restoration projects to the detriment of the society as a whole.

'One speaker, who took part in a comprehensive audit of rolling stock in 2011, said earlier attempts to rationalise assets had failed.

"People resisted making the hard decisions [if it involved getting rid of their favourites]," he said. "The outcome was no cars were disposed of due to the vested interests of various members."
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Only need one thread on this development.

so this thread was the 2nd, and I'll refer yo all to the  first one, at this linkl:

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