woodford Chief Commissioner

One of the OR devs has finally managed to get some turntables operational in OR. It does depend on how the route developer did the turntable, as some route developers took short cut as they did not work in OR.

Full details are on Elvastower, as this site is now restricted if anyone wants more info I will see what I can put up. Its possible there is or will be shortly details in the manual as such was mentioned on the turntable thread.

On elvastower this has been hailed as a major break through and the turntable thread got big very quickly.

Here is a video of same



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  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Excellent Smile I am very pleased to see MSTS turntables working in Open Rails Smile

However! The video is very misleading hahaha:PRazzRazz
1) No turntables throughout the world has ever been electrified
2) The electric loco would be shunted with the pantographs down and no power with a small diesel loco

It would have been better if the person who made that video used either a steam or diesel loco without overhead wires
to make it look even more interesting;-)

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