Garden Gauge Railway near Gosnells train station

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Hi there, can anyone remember a garden gauge railway near Gosnells train station? It was on the city side of the station on the western side of the tracks. From memory you could see it from the train just after you passed Fremantle road.

I was only a kid when I noticed it and only saw the track, not anything actually running on it, looking at google maps there may be housing there where it used to be.

Can anyone help?



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  Bulbous Assistant Commissioner

Yes, there was one track (looked like 5" gauge) that ran down one side fence in a straight line, then across the back fence line and then looped around some trees on the northern side fence. I noticed that it disappeared around ten or twelve years ago under housing developments.


  1213Driver Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth Western Australia
Pretty sure this was 5 inch gauge and the property was owned by the Otway Family.
  NiSig Locomotive Driver

Location: South of the River, Perth WA
The railway in question was in fact 7&1/4" gauge and was home to the usual 'Heidi II' 0-4-2 type loco and 3 bogie wagons of high-sided gondola design with Castledare standard bogies.  The loco (which was not named or numbered according to my records) is still owned by the family but I don't have any further information on its status or location.  I surmise its languishing in a shed awaiting a new lease on life.  The track has long since been lifted and the wagons have changed hands a few times since.  At one point they appeared destined for operation at Collie but that project failed to launch and they are now in private hands.  I was quite lucky to have been one of the few people outside of the family to drive the loco around the track.

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