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  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi all,

I am selling the following surplus stock;

Trainorama PHG pack 4 (grey livery comprising one original & one rebuilt van) $200
Trainorama MHG pack 4 (2x grey vans) $200
SDS tulloch oil tankers (1960 pack A) $200
Athearn G69776  ES44AC (Union Pacific flag livery) with sound $300

All models are in mint condition.

Prices include postage

Please PM if interested.



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  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
SOLD...SOLD....via Facebook

FOR SALE: I have two NSWGR "JHG" guards vans. HO scale.

These were built from kits in the last 12 months or so and have AR Kits bogies with metal wheel sets as well as Kadee couplers (screwed NOT glued). The couplers have the metal "tangs" removed.

They are both weathered with a wash of light brown colour but have no decals.

I'm asking for $55- each plus postage or $100- plus postage if you want to buy both of them.

Contact me via PM please

Bill Roach

PS: I will advertising them on Facebook buy/swap/sell site too. Pics are available, but can't recall how to add them to this post without using Photobucket (too much hassle)
  Railfanman Station Master

Location: Banned
Auscision B class in Vicrail "tea cup" livery. in as new condition. $250.
  FirstStopCentral Chief Train Controller

Large lot of brand new locos and rollingstock, most unopened still in plastic, none have ever been run. PM for details, postage extra on all items.

$500 - Auscision N Passenger Car Set N14 – Vline Pass Mark 1 – ACN, BN, BRN & D Van – VPS-13

$50 - Auscision Stephens Railex BLX Van – AM10683
$50 - Hi-Rail (Trainorama) Weathered AFL Hopper
$250 - Austrains T-373 Great Northern Livery
$250 - Austrains T-392 Freight Australia Livery
$250 - Austrains T-359 VR Blue Livery
$250 - Austrains X-46 Mk3 VR Blue Livery
$50 - Casula Hobbies LHO – Deep Indian Red / Navy Roof / Two Lines
$40 - Trainorama VLCX Van – Freight Australia Livery
$40 - Trainorama VLX Van – VR Red Livery Large VR Logo
$190 - Southern Rail Models – NDHF Concrete Sleeper Wagons – Pk4 Low Zebra Stripes – NDHF4
$200 - Auscision VBBX Louvre Vans Pk 4 – VLV-28 – VR Wagon Red No Logo
$200 - Auscision U Van Body Ver 4 Pk 6 – VR Wagon Red 1960-1972 – VFW-11
$220 - Auscision NDFF Ballast Hoppers Pk 4 - Rail Services Australia (RSA) Logo 1 (Green & White) – NDFF5
$275 - Auscision 86 Class Locomotive – 8632 FreightCorp Blue

PM for details or to purchase.

  Albert Chief Commissioner