Discussion on past Melbourne Rail projects in past decade

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This is a list of rail upgrades in the past decade. Lets discuss the flaws and success of these projects. Major future projects are coming along well: Metro tunnel, Melton duplication, Rossana duplication, Dandenong rail upgrade and hopeful more. Welcome to add ones I've missed

-Broadmeadows line extended to Craigeburn + Roxburgh park station + Craigeburn station rebuilt
-Heatherdale station upgraded
-Kananook station upgraded
-Southern Cross station rebuilt
-Grade seperation of Middleborough Road + Rebuilt Laburnum station

-Cranbourne stabling + Cranbourne station upgrade
-Taylors Road grade seperation

-Clifton hill to Westgath duplication
-North Melbourne station upgrade

-Laverton third platform
-Westall third platform + stabling
-Coolaroo station

Change in government

-Duplication between Keon park and Epping + Thomastown station rebuilt + Epping station rebuilt
-Craigeburn Maintenance facility built

-Epping line extension to South Morang + South Morang station
-Cardinia station
-Lynbrook station
-Watergardens line extended to Sunbury + Digger rest station rebuilt + Sunbury station rebuilt

-Hurstbridge line signalling, power and stabling upgrade
-West Footscray station rebuilt
-Williamslanding station

-Three grade separations + 2 stations rebuilt
-Footscray station upgraded + Sunshine station rebuilt
-2 grade seperations on Anderson road

Change in Government

-RRL completion + Tarneit station + Wyndham vale station
-Ringwood station rebuilt

-8 grade seperations + 7 new stations
-Bayside rail project completed

-2 grade seperations so far + Heatherdale station rebuilt
-Caroline springs station
-Southland station*

*opens in late 2017

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  railblogger Chief Commissioner

Location: At the back of the train, quitely doing exactly what you'd expect.
In a time of growing patronage, stations still only get one platform exit.
  True Believers Chief Commissioner

In a time of growing patronage, stations still only get one platform exit.
There are some example where stations have been added an extra exit, they are at Prahran, Yarraville, Altona is next. Ormond and Gardiner station are rebuilt where exits are at both sides. Yes it is a cheap way to provide an easier way to access a station and many more can happen across the network if it was more of a political issue (https://wongm.com/2015/09/second-entrance-for-prahran-station/). For example at North Melbourne all you need to do is provide staff at the old entry, add some myki gates and the second entrance is there. A third entrance at Southern Cross could easily be added by reopening the subway underneath.

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