SCT Announces Commencement of Dedicated Melbourne to Brisbane Freight Services

  seb2351 Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide
Maybe some change in the northbound that left Melbourne Saturday night as track washouts Grafton Casino. Some indications the southbound out of Bromelton Saturday morning got through the flood area.
Maybe some missed my earlier post. As Clyde Goodwin noted, Saturday's southbound XPT from Brisbane did not get through to Grafton after the SCT train.
I could not see an SCT Melbourne to Brisbane MB9 service on railcams at all yesterday or Saturday??
Yes, I would expect SCT to keep an eye on track and so know it was cut in northern NSW. I didn't see the Saturday morning southbound 7BM9 mentioned on any forums through Newcastle, Sydney or south of there as I was checking to see if it actually got through before the track was cut. No sighting reports just means no sighting as maybe too wet for rail reporters to go out in the rain and look.

Anyone with password access to the train tracker have any reports of 7BM9 please?
Departed Bromleton 0359, Arrived Melbourne 1115

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
BM9 into Melbourne via Albion just after 5am this morning.

It would appear the trains length has increased given the number of photos taken through the cameras.

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