Reservoir and Keon park level crossing removals

  62440 Deputy Commissioner

The grade approaching Reservoir is 1 in 50 and it continues rising at a lesser grade after the station. track level would have to go up around 7m, so the crest would move about 350m, beyond the existing platform. An elevated or a lowered station could improve the linkage between the shopping areas either side. There is a rail power building to consider but a trench could be built alongside, just. The road intersection is a horror, glad I don't have to use it!

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  chomper Beginner

There is one thing people are forgetting with their "maps". VicRoads and Darebin Council in their infinite wisdom hobbled High St south of the reservoirs. Not only that, Spring St has been turned into the designated arterial as it runs from St. Georges Rd (with the corresponding roadworks some years ago at Reservoir's spaghetti junction).
  Myrtone Chief Commissioner

Location: North Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
If anyone thinks I judged decisions made decades ago based on what I know now, consider this; The Caulfield to Dandenong corridor is the busiest in Greater Melbourne today. Was it the busiest corridor back in the 1950s?

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