Easter exhibition 2018 in Adelaide

  patsstuffnow Junior Train Controller

With the latest cancelation of the Melbourne exhibition over Easter, a few people had a discussion the other night. We are suffering Easter Micro ferro equinology withdrawal symptoms.

We are wondering how many people would be interested in an Australian themed model railway exhibition in ADELAIDE next Easter ( 2018)

We have done some initial enquiries about venues and have found three already that are available next Easter.
A large multiroomed venue with large car park
A three court basketball stadium
A picture theatre type building with several smaller areas attached.

We have two nearby hotels with large dining facilities.

Several local bakeries and cafes are interested. Had "what if" discussions with several.

good public transport connections, bus and train.

Basically the Hobson's Bay model, but held in Adelaide. At this point in time it is purely a discussion. with no politics involved, a chance to start with a clean slate, fresh ideas andorganisers .
There are two ways to look at this


Same words just a different attitude.

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  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

Keep in mind there is now another big exhibition in Melbourne over the Easter long weekend that will draw a lot of Australian content
The group running it do a great job and have a large following already and can only see this show getting bigger next year
As a trader its now a show i look forward to each year

  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT
So well done! You've taken the first tentative step in finding some where.

The next step is to engage with a number of vendors and see who is interested in supporting a new expo. You will need to figure how how much you are going to charge vendors to exhibit as they will want to know that so they can assess value for money.

Assuming that you can get some critical mass among vendors, then next is to put a deposit down on a venue. Personally, I'd go with which ever of the three is the cheapest to minimise risk.

Then next, see if you can get some layouts to attend. You will need to figure out how much you will pay layouts as a subsidy for exhibiting.

If you can get vendors and layouts to lock in, well then you are on the road! Then the hard work really starts! Catering for exhibitors, Advertising, Insurance (Liability and WHS), and the million other things to plan. Best you get cracking now!   Very HappyVery Happy  you've only got 12 months to doors open! Seriously, there is a LOT of work especially in starting an Expo from scratch and 12 months is not long.

That said, seems like a good idea at face value, but the proof will be whether you can get Vendors interested.

Good luck,

  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

The Easter show in Melbourne went exceptionaly well , With a mostly Australian content and the show to be even bigger next year you will find it very hard to get exhibits / traders from Victoria . Would be better trying for another weekend other than the Easter long weekend

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