Federal Budget - $20 billion investment in rail


News article: $20 billion investment in rail

The Turnbull-Joyce Government is delivering a $20 billion investment in rail that will cut congestion in cities, grow the regions and create thousands of new jobs.

  Carnot Minister for Railways

War of words continues between Darren Chester and Jacinta Allan's "300 word letter":


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  Rossco T Chief Train Controller

Location: Camberwell, Victoria
How Rossco, how is the E-W link going to help with traffic on Hoddle Street which is a N-S road?. Traffic will still exit at Hoddle Street with all the ensuing congestion.
The EWL as proposed by the previous Government would not have solved congestion problems on Hoddle Street as traffic headed for the City from the Eastern would still need to use Hoddle Street to access the CBD as there were no intermediate interchanges proposed between Hoddle Street and Flemington Road.

However, rather than benefiting traffic travelling to/from the CBD, the EWL was designed to benefit traffic travelling east-west across the inner north and traffic travelling between the Eastern Freeway and the northern suburbs (something that NEL will also benefit).  Quite a significant proportion of traffic from the Eastern Freeway is not bound for the CBD and it is this traffic that benefits from EWL.

My personal view was always that EWL would have been a better project if it did contain one or more intermediate interchanges as this could then distribute CBD bound traffic over multiple routes thereby reducing congestion on Hoddle Street, however this was not the view of the previous Government.

And Rossco, remember the last Government diverted some $350 Million from a major rail project to find a country road by-pass. That should not bee acceptable.


Yeah, well that is a different matter and not something I agreed with.  My preference would have been to spend the money on the RRL so that it was built properly the first time with a rail flyover at Deer Park West so that Geelong trains and Ballarat trains do not delay each other...

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