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  James974 Deputy Commissioner

I have drawn out three possible routes for the proposed Metro 2 tunnel (running from Clifton Hill to Newport) for the northern section.

First route is the mostly a default option* noted by the Doncaster Rail study and implemented into the PTV plan. Runs mostly along Alexander Parade. *Includes Victoria Market station, not in original plan

The second route option is the future Mernda line diverting at the bend just before Russell station, heads along the Inner circle alignment, and joining the Upfield line near the zoo and then goes to Parkville and Flagstaff (same as default option except with the inclusion of Victoria Market station). There is additionally an option to have a new interchange with the Hurstbridge line as well, as the future Mernda line would divert before connecting at Clifton Hill.

The third route option is similar to the one I discussed on Railpage in March, but has been altered. It runs to Clifton Hill and Victoria Park so can interchange with future Doncaster rail and then diverts and goes through central shopping strips at Fitzroy and Carlton afterward joins at Parkville. Then has a station near the North Melbourne district, and then stopping at Flagstaff.

Link to the map:

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  TOQ-1 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Power Trainger
Things to consider:
  • I would imagine that the project would be designed to remove the tight curves at Rushall, so I would expect that to get a rebuild, possible entirely underground or even removed. I would not expect an above ground interchange at Clifton Hill.
  • Doncaster and Hurstbridge in the Medium-Long term will not need as many trains per hour into the city so connecting either of them to the Metro would be needed as any growth can be given in the existing corridor. Metro II will provide capacity for a branch at Epping to Wollert
  • A Station at Queen Vic Market might have some merit.
  John.Z Junior Train Controller

Agree with TOQ-1, no need for hurstbridge to go into Metro 2, leave it for Mernda and any branch further north.
  James974 Deputy Commissioner

I meant interchange with not connect into the tunnel, my bad.
Yes there is a proposed Epping North/Wollert line branch, (noted quite a lot in past studies and shown in Infrastructure Victoria)
Yeah totally missed realigning the curves, but yeah that would be included in all possible routes.

Anyways do you have any preferences what route it should take?

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