Wickham station and box gone

  Junction box Chief Commissioner

Location: newy
Looks like they were demolished on the long weekend, not sure why the box had to go, I wanted an L7 station sign.
Civic's future is in discussion, I think it will go too.

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  gordon_s1942 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
To avoid any Doubt, RIP IT OUT......

This cut and slash method was used at Portland NSW when it was decided to alter the Safeworking section and train working through the station.
Although the changes were advertised, what we didnt read into the notices was the total and complete removal of the platform and re-aligning of what is now the Main line basically through where the platform and buildings once stood.
Other than the level crossing that remained unaltered, without photographs you would have no idea a busy working manned station ever existed.
  alco4836 Station Master

Hi All
I just uploaded some pics of the Wickham Station removal
on my Blog if anyone wishes to have a look here
Regards Mathew Hughes
  Showtime Train Controller

You managed to record an act of extreme vandalism.
Hope one day these politicians will be held accountable for their rediculous and expensive actions.
Not likely though!
  gordon_s1942 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
The ONLY good thing I can say about the demolition of Wickham is that it was better than being left to molder away like so many others have been.

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