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  ealle2 Beginner

Hi all,

So i have been going through the process of applying for a trainee train driver role with Aurizon. I finished my vts testing and was successful and am moving on to the panel interview. Just wandering if anyone has been through this and can help me out with a couple of questions:

1. Is there more than one interviewer
2. Do you interview with other people
3. What questions do they ask/what should I be prepared for
4. If successful what are the next step (more interviews or medical?)

Sorry for all the questions just want to be really prepared as has been a dream of mine to get a job like this.

Thanks in advance

Info : applying for Roma position interview this week

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  Typhon Assistant Commissioner

Location: I'm that freight train tearing through the sky in the clouds.
1. Count on it.
2. Unlikely.
3. Be prepared to answer questions about safety, teamwork, and customer service. Have examples lined up for each of these from your previous work experience, and how you identified and resolved any issues or how you provided exceptional service, etc.
4. Unsure, medical most likely.
  Barrett2309 Beginner

You will be asked questions about previous situations you have been in. Conflict with a person, emergency situations you may have had, a situation where safety was very important etc etc. Write down a lot of info on different situations you can think of. Use the STAR technique, situation-task-action-result. This structures your answer to these behavioural questions in an organised manner.
Safety is paramount and should be a focus of your answers. You must show that safety is first and foremost in your mind.
The interviewers will be nice to you, they are not out to trip you up, but you must hit certain criteria to be successful.
Good luck!
  bjholton Beginner

as expected got my " unfortunately we are not progressing your application" email today... oh well again good luck ealle2 hope you get it.

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