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  Mikey308 Beginner

Hey guys,  hoping someone here might be in the know!  I've heard there was an expo / show at Memorial Hall, Sunbury this weekend of 21st / 22nd October but the only info I can find for it is on the AMRA online calendar which doesn't seem too accurate. I know theres one happening up in Shep this same weekend.  But i'd prefer not to have to travel that far.

Anyone know if the Sunbury one is going ahead?  

Cheers, Mikey

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  justdun Beginner

Hi Mikey,

Removed. My bad - need to read closer next time!


  MRWARNER99 Beginner

Hi Mikey,

There is indeed a show in Sunbury this weekend.
Memorial hall Barkly Street Sunbury
10.00am to 5.00pm Saturday
10.00am to 4.00pm Sunday

$8.00 adult admission.

The exhibition referred to by JD is the SUNSHINE exhibition. Similar name, different club.

Hope to see you there.


Mark Warner

Sunbury Model Railway Club.
  Mikey308 Beginner

Great! Thanks for the info guys. I’ll see you there.

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